In Australia, all suncream must undergo rigorous testing before making claims as to their efficiency
as a sun protection product.

The SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, awarded at the completion of this testing is a measure of how well a particular sun cream will protect the skin from harmful UVB rays. Drift Essentials Suncream has been developed to provide maximum protection and has been awarded the highest possible SPF rating.

The claim ‘4HR Water Resistant’ must also be earned through rigorous testing. We have formulated our sun cream specifically to withstand the rigorousness of an adventurous life and cater to a life spent underwater.

Broad Spectrum protection refers to protection over the full range of UVA and UVB radiation. Originally, Sun Cream was designed to protect against only UVB rays, which cause sunburn but only account for a small portion of the full UV spectrum. UVB rays were thought to be the only rays that caused harm to the skin and UVA rays were thought to produce a ‘healthy’ tan. It has since been discovered that UVA rays also contribute to premature skin ageing and the development of some skin cancers.

Our Mineral-based active ingredients create a reflective barrier on the surface of your skin. The inclusion of Botanical Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in a moisturising base helps improve appearance and sooth the skin. Our naturally sourced Zinc Oxide is considered the safest alternative in the Sun Cream toxicity debate. Our Sun Cream is also PABA and oxybenzone free.