Somewhere In Mexico

I recently discovered, that if you book a trip 2 days before you leave the country, it might work out to be the best kind of trip!
It could be a huge generalisation, but mine worked out pretty perfect this time.
Here’s what happened…

I got a message from a friend in LA saying “wish you were here”
I wrote back “me too”.

2 days later they picked me up from San Diego, in an old toyota stuffed with boards and bursting with beer.

We drove 12 hours south and found ourselves in the middle of no where.

Nothing but cacti, a small point wave, cold water, and a sky full of shooting stars for company.

5 days of instant coffee and bean burritos.
5 days off the grid.
No power.
No social media.
No fresh water.
No work.
Very little human interaction.

Basically 5 days of bliss…

And at the end of every day as the sun went down –
We’d walk up the beach, boards in hands, smiling.
We’d crack another beer
and We’d wish that it would last forever….